Our AGE UK Village Agent – Gaby Aldrich





Village Agent – Gaby Aldrich

  • Do you live in the Rusper and Colgate area?
  • Would you like to know what’s on in your area?
  • Do you need information and advice?
  • Would you like someone to talk to?
  • Are you worried about returning home after a hospital stay?
  • Do you need that little bit of extra help around the house?
  • Do you need a Handyperson or a Gardener?

As your Village Agent I have access to a lot of information and I’m here to help – working in your community for people in later life

 The Village Agent role is provided by Age UK Horsham District and supported and kindly funded by The Hope Keith Villagers Trust.

Please contact: 07591 049042 or 01403 260560

Email: Villageagentrusper@ageukhorshamdistrict.org.uk

Website: www.ageukhorshamdistrict.org.uk

Registered charity number 1085988

Company Number 04169358

The Village Agent role is provided by Age UK Horsham District and is supported and funded by the Hope Keith Villagers Trust


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