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The Reverend Nick Flint



Nick is here to minister to all who have need in our parishes. He is keen to be told if someone has moved in and to have an opportunity to visit newcomers. Holy Communion can be arranged for the housebound or those who are sick. Nick tries to take Thursday as a rest day each week, so he kindly suggests that you only contact him on a Thursday in matters of urgency.

You can contact Nick on 01293 871251 or by email at revnickflint@rusperchurch.org.uk

St Mary Magdalene’s Church, Rusper
The Rectory
High Street
RH12 4PX


Rusper Parochial Church Council











Mr Mike Ward



Mrs Maggie True

Mr Chris Pearce



Mr Gerald Taylor FRCO FTCL ARCM


Village Agent for Age UK

Jane Cullum



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