200 Club Rules

1. The purpose of the lottery is to raise money for St Mary Magdalene Rusper, which is suffering a major shortfall in income versus expenditure.

2. The Club is run by an Administrative Committee, comprising the Promoter, an Administrator, Administrator’s Assistant and a Salesperson.

3. The target is to have 200 members.

4. Shares will be sold at £5 per month for a minimum contract period of 12 months preferably payable by Standing Order either monthly, or annually in advance for £55. They can also be paid annually in advance by cash or cheque for £60.

5. Only persons who are members of the Club will be allowed to participate.

6. Money paid for shares will not be refundable should a member wish to discontinue membership.

7. A monthly prize will be dependent on the number of members but it will be approximately 40% of the amount invested each month after expenses. These must not exceed 10% of total proceeds in any 12 month accounting period. If we have 200 members this will produce an income of approximately £1,000 per month and a prize money of £325, split into 3 – £200, £75 and £50. The winning numbers will be drawn normally around the middle of the month, but may be changed to coincide with local events. This will allow adequate time to check the amount received in any month.

8. Only numbers for the shares sold and paid for will be entered in each monthly draw, this will provide a better chance of winning.

9. There is a bank account into which all receipts are paid and from where cheques for prize money are issued.

10. A list of winners is published in The Rusper Parish News and on the Church website: www.rusperchurch.org.uk

11. A register is kept of members, prizes paid out and funds paid to the PCC of Rusper. The Accounts will be audited each year.

12. After payment of prize money and expenses the balance is transferred to the St Mary Magdalene Rusper Parochial Church Council Bank Account on a quarterly basis.

13. Share certificates are valid for the period that subscriptions have been paid.

14. In the event of a dispute the Administrative Committee’s decision is final.