Why the 200 Club?

Rusper Church has a major funding problem. Each month expenditure exceeds income by approximately £500. In order to fund this deficit we are having to draw on our reserves. This cannot continue indefinitely. Why has this happened:

  • Falling congregations and therefore reduced weekly collections;
  • Regular giving has not kept pace with inflation and as people die or move away, their donations are not being replaced by new ones.

On the expenditure side, we have been facing increasing demands from the diocese to make the ministry, i.e. the Rector and associated costs, in particular pensions, self funding. We cannot afford to increase these payments any more and have advised the diocese accordingly. If we cannot raise sufficient funds then we risk losing our own Rector.

The money from the Rusper Church 200 Club is not being used to fund special projects like the bells.

How does the lottery operate?

  • Shares in the club are £5 each per month with payments been made by standing order. The standing order can be cancelled at any time (but we hope it won’t!).
  • It will be possible to buy one year’s subscription in advance by standing order for £55, thereby receiving a discount of £5.
  • Shares can also be purchased by cheque or cash annually at £60 per annum.
  • The target is to sell 200 shares. Anyone can buy more than one share and we hope that some of you will!
  • The size of the prize money will depend on the number of shares sold, but based on the sale of 200 shares, there will be three monthly prices of £200, £75 and £50.
  • Only the numbers for the shares that have been sold and paid for will be entered in the prize draw. Share certificates will be issued to shareholders and the numbers checked against our bank statement before each draw is made.
  • The draw will normally be made around the middle of each month.
  • A list of the winning numbers will be published in the Rusper Parish News and also on the Rusper Church website: www.rusperchurch.org.uk.
  • After payment of the prize money and any expenses the balance will be paid to the St. Mary Magdalene Parochial Church Council account on a quarterly basis.

Would you like to join? If so, go to the “How do I join?” page where you can download an application form.

If you have any queries or would like any further information please email the Rusper Church 200 Club at 200Club@rusperchurch.org.uk