Believing, Belonging, Behaving

Among those who’ve recently been baptised, we welcome Ronnie and Drew into the family of the Church. It is something special when a parent and child are christened together and so I asked Drew to share his reflections on the experience with RPN.

‘Once we sorted Ronnie to get christened I wanted get christened too as I felt it was right and that I would be proud to join my ten month old son on this special day. When the day arrived I was very nervous, though excited. We arrived at church with family and friends, Chris was helpful. He guided me through each part, for which I was grateful. As it came to the moment for us both to be christened together, I felt fear and excitement. First it was Ronnie’s turn, Nick poured so much water over his head it made me chuckle, though I’ve never seen Ronnie look so serious, it was a wonderful moment and I felt proud of my son at this time. Next it was my turn, it felt like Nick poured a bucket of water over me! Then Nick blessed me, his words sounded like an echo, though as if coming out of loud speakers going through my body. It certainly was a feeling of ‘now,’ very real, most spiritual, a feeling I’ve never felt ever before, though it was joyful. I felt very happy for my son and I, now together on the right path. I’d like to thank Nick, Chris and all at the church that day for making it one of the most special days of my life – day I’m sure I’ll constantly talk to my son Ronnie about’.

Thank you Richard-Drew & Ronnie Richard.