Rusper 200 Club

News and Latest Winners

If you are not currently contributing to the Rusper Church 200 Club or you wish to purchase additional shares, please download an application form from this website. Please complete the form and send it to me, John Jory at Elsinoro, Horsham Road, Rusper, Horsham, RH12 4PR or call me on 01293 871752. Remember it only costs £5 a month to be a member (even less if you pay annually by standing order). However, if you require any further information before joining, concerning the aims of the 200 Club or how the money is spent, then please do not hesitate to contact me. Many thanks to all of you who have been regularly contributing to enable us to make a significant contribution towards the running costs of the Church over the past few years.

As announced recently, to make the results a little more interesting, we are now including the winners’ details against the winning numbers when publishing the monthly winners on the web-site and in the Rusper Parish News. This is, for example, 108 John J, 106 Fiona L. If you are a member and do not want your details published in this way and haven’t already informed us, please let us know at We will NOT be publishing surnames.

January Winners

First prize (£200) –  26  Roland A

Second prize (£75) –  158  Vivien S

Third prize (£50) –  45  Michael W