Year of the Bible

Nick did a special assembly in Rusper Village School, getting the children to see what 66 books looked like  before explaining that the Bible is a library of 66 books disguised uder one cover. The children reflected on the length of time and huge variety of genres, authors and settings in which our BIble came into being.

Bite Size Bible

Read, refresh, rediscover

Sometimes it helps to take a single verse or short passage, commit it to memory and repeat it silently letting it sink in and speak to you. Open the Bible in the very middle and you will probably find yourself in the Psalms, ideal as a source for such prayers and spanning the whole spectrum of human emotion.

If you’d like to read through one Gospel, Mark is the shortest while Matthew is the one you will hear most in church during 2017 and is to be read in an atmospheric performance at St Mary’s Horsham 7.30 on Wednesday 8th March.

If you want a quick overview, look online for the 100 Minute Bible