Rusper Church Fundraising update

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Looking forward to welcoming you back to worship.

As we begin the journey there are some changes to the conduct of the service:

Please use hand sanitiser on entering and leaving the church. Do not loiter in the church after the service, but socialise outside at appropriate distance

Gaps in the hassocks on the pews are to assist with maintaining 2m distance, which remains the ideal. Obviously couples are at liberty to move hassocks so as to sit together.

Orders of service are for single use. Please take them away with you.

Donations online are to be encouraged rather than cash in the plate. Please visit our website for guidance. The plate will be available for those unable to access other means of donating.

Communion will be in one kind only. The chalice will not be shared.

We are discouraged from projecting our voices. The words ‘The Body of Christ’ will not be spoken individually as each communicant receives.

Communion will be received in a socially distanced queue. At the invitation, please come forward maintaining the distance and keeping to the right hand side.. When you have received, please continue to the left and back to your place. The entrance to the chancel is 1m wide so please avoid passing those returning simultaneously.


Prayers and Blessings





Wedding Flowers

Our beautiful country church is the perfect setting for a wedding and of course, when we think of weddings, we think of flowers. Flowers are usually an integral part of any bride’s wedding plans and we are very happy for you to bring in your own florist and decorate the church to your own design. If however you would like us to assist you, we can provide a beautifully pedestal arrangement at the altar, with your input regarding choice and colour of flowers.

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